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i hope this game is ironic lmao

this was a masterpiece beyond human comprehension
god speed you beautiful bastard
consider my braincels activated o7

Man people on this platform really act like this is their first shitpost indie.

Funny game. ironic im hoping lmaoo

ufgggigyg i ylgv, ,n

This is the funniest game i've ever played


Masterpiece bro. Best game ever, it filled me with ragefuel playing this, wished I could go a little bit more ER tho 


I know that feeling but I don't want to get banned.


His error was trying to aproach without looksmaxxing first tbh, he had no chance


Absolute motherfucking masterpiece, keep up the great work brother


Thanks bro!


No problem bro. This is great.

Just enough autism to be sincere and heartfelt and just enough NT to have a plot and sense of direction.

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Hopefully this was made by an actual incel and not incel tears.


Yep i'm an incel, just wait until IT comes and inundate the coment secton with hate. 


Just finished the game. Killing chad and that bitch becky who rejected me and mettoed me was satisfying. Actually enjoyed.


Cool. I am glad you enjoyed!